Some of the many wonderful clients I had the chance to work with over the years…By no means is this a complete list…

Music                                                                                         Architecture

BMG Publishing Worldwide                                                            Home and Design Magazine  
Geffen Records                                                                                    From House to Home Magazine
Atlantic Records                                                                                 Detroit Home Magazine   
A-Vision Atlantic Video                                                                     Forte Restaurant
Q-Prime  inc.                                                                                        The Townsend Hotel (Birmingham,Mich)
Brockum inc.                                                                                       The Corner Bar (Townsend Hotel)
Metallica inc.                                                                                       Bass Hotels (Atlanta)
Tesla inc.                                                                                               The Ponchatrain Hotel (Detroit,Mich) 
Testament inc.                                                                                    Jarvis (Detroit)
Alice Cooper                                                                                       Palmar Homes (New Jersey)
Filter inc.                                                                                              Blue Line Construction (Charleston, SC) 
Corrosion of Conformity inc.                                                         RDJ Construction (Indianapolis, IN)
Sanctuary Music Management                                                   Byrd Construction (Houston, TX) 
 Tama Drums (Hoshino- Japan)                                                   Starter Homes (Manchester, NH)
Dean Guitars                                                                                      Sutherland Persal (Chicago,IL)
Nuclear Blast Records                                                                   Holloway Homes (Austin, TX)
King Records (Japan)                                                                     Westec (Dallas,TX)
Sanctuary Records                                                                         JGL Homes (Chicago, IL) 
JVC/Victor (Japan)                                                                         Century 21 (Los Angeles, CA)
Kerrang Magazine                                                                           Custom Floors (Carmel, IN)
Guitar World Magazine                                                                 Castela Construction (Detroit, MI)
Burrn Magazine                                                                               Dalton Brothers Homes (Ft. Walton Beach,FL) 
Metal Hammer Magazine                                                            Waterford Homes (Austin, TX)
Rolling Stone Magazine              
Bass Player Magazine             
Billboard Magazine               
Cherry Lane Publishing           
Hal Lenard Publishing               
AMP magazine                 
Hails to Horns Magazine                  
 101 WRIF (Detroit,Mi)